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Russian University in Dubai

Russian University in Dubai inherits a scientific and managerial capacity of Head University in Saint Petersburg, has a necessary level of competence and capacity to implement projects of various scale and educational programs at different levels in the Russian Federation and abroad.

University in Dubai offers three popular training programs in the region: Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Management in tourism and hospitality, as well as Bachelor of logistics.
The purpose of training - the program "Bachelor of Management" is not only to obtain the necessary knowledge and a high quality of solving of problems, but also fundamentally new challenges, development of leadership and other qualities required for managers and managerial personnel.

Upon completion of the program of the Russian University in Dubai

students will have a whole range of knowledge and skills in order to plan the activities of the organization, to develop and implement the strategy of the organization, encourage and motivate staff to achieve strategical and operational objectives, to promote products on the market, organize the work of artists to implement various activities, to create and to maintain a database, to make decisions with the help of the collection, processing and analysis of information, create business plans and to organize business activities.

Graduates of the Russian University in Dubai can perform a professional activity in the major industrial, commercial and logistics companies, financial departments and divisions of enterprises, as well as independent work and decision-making.

The "Bachelor of Management in Tourism and Hospitality" in the UNECON in Dubai is very popular program not only because of the broad career opportunities, but also because the lessons that are usually accompanied by interesting seminars, memorable trips and useful meeting. The mission of the program is to prepare bachelors - professionals of high qualifications in tourism and service.
Graduates of the faculty have a great potential for employment, which means - opportunities for rapid career growth. Diploma allows students to be in a demand in sectors such as hotel and restaurant business, tourist business and individual entrepreneurship in the hotel and restaurant fields.

Using the fast-growing career opportunities, our university is pleased to offer you a training program "Bachelor of logistics." Manufacturing, supply, distribution, transportation, warehousing and inventory management - all these logistics processes are presented in the study at the Russian University in Dubai.
Knowledge of the theoretical foundations and practices of logistics management companies prepares graduates for professional careers in the field of logistics and supply chain management in all sectors of the economy.

Bachelor of Logistics

Russian University in Dubai

At the end of the program "Bachelor of Logistics" of the Russian University graduates will be able to manage such issues as inventory, purchasing, logistics support production and marketing operations; analysis, planning, operational management of transport and warehouse processes, integrated research and analytical calculations for decision making in supply chains using the latest techniques, modern information systems and techniques of logistics flows.

Academic school year in the Russian University in Dubai lasts 2 semesters. Certification tests, exams, term papers, the final qualifying work and final state certification to obtain a diploma. After graduation, the graduate will receive a diploma of the Russian model and appendix in English. Accredited programs are taught in English and Russian.

In the modern higher education, considerable attention is paid on independent work and responsibility for the education of the student and a preparation for future work, full of daily challenges.
The UNECON has serious approach and a quality of the learning process, thus carefully selecting with the necessary resources. The library presents the printing and electronic educational and methodical literature for students and for teachers.

The students in Dubai are provided with new study plans that are prepared by the most modern science and include obligatory and elective courses, so the students have an opportunity not only to acquire high qualifications in their chosen field, but also to expand their horizons.

Modern educational process is impossible without an advanced information technology, that is why a great importance is lying in informational educational process. Several classrooms in The Russian University in Dubai have computer labs with high-speed Internet equipment that allows students to explore world network and to use online databases.

The premises of The Russian University in Dubai are fully equipped for remote communication with teachers from St. Petersburg. Video-audience feature high-tech video systems for distance learning and provided uninterrupted communication.

The University seeks to maximize the harmony of its activities with those of employers for joint training, demand on the global labor market, so the students regularly are offered practical and familiarization trips with potential employment. St. Petersburg State University of Economics in Dubai is rapidly developing branch of higher education, focused on modern and advanced technologies in three areas of education and has considerable scientific and educational potential.