Tourism and Hospitality Management Russian University degree in UAE

The famous USSR school becomes less popular while European universities take its place, to improve the situation Russian academies incluid new technologies and progressive methods. One of the ways that The Northern Capital has, is education in Dubai. Russian University degree in UAE have created a strong base for educational growth and development of modern specialist in different business areas. One of these areas is Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Russian University degree in UAE

Management in tourism and hospitality - training in Russia or Dubai?

Our country has always been famous for its hospitality. Studies in Dubai give you an opportunity to combine unconsciously pledged Russian hospitality (Russian University degree in UAE) with advanced technology in the field of tourism. As a result of the imposition of such a recent experience on the age-old knowledge, get an ideal opportunity to nurture first class specialist in the field. After all, our country is not currently included even in the TOP100 tourist countries.

Why is it better to study Hospitality and Tourism in Dubai?

Very fast development of the UAE, by international standards, from the primitive state into one of the leading countries in tourism, already speaks for itself. When training in Dubai - Russian University, there is an opportunity not only to visit the best hotels in the world, but also to study the primary source of their formation. To understand how in such a short period of time, perhaps turn a small "provincial town" in the fourth city of the world tourist flow. Dubai each year confirms its status and continued strides to move up. Now, thanks to the efforts of the University of St. Petersburg, about ten years old, it is possible for anyone who wants to.

Russian degree UAE

Career and education

Taking advantage of the opportunity in training in Dubai, the applicant will be able not only get first-class education in the second largest city in the Emirates, but also to start his or her professional career. Tourist Visa, the University helps with a registration, makes it possible to build a future career in the UAE. And if after graduation with Russian University degree in UAE you will go back to Russia, your education will be very valuable. After all, any city can only get better by getting expert of "Dubai´s level".

Higher academic performance

Russian University degree in UAE is going on in more useful and successful way than in any other country. Virtually nothing distracts young specialists from the process of absorption of knowledge. A detailed program with elements of study with direct presence enables the theory to practice to show its effectiveness by making the process more digestible and progressive. And the program is taught best domestic teachers of the highest category in several languages, including Russian.

Russian degree in UAE

Education in one of the leading universities of Russia

St. Petersburg State University, as one of the representatives of the "intellectual" capital of Russia, went further than his colleagues. University was organized by putting together the best traditions of the Soviet school and innovative achievements of the UAE in the field of tourism and hospitality. Thus, a completely new road of training in this area was created - qualified education in the right place for anyone who wants – now it is available in our country.

Safety of students at training in Dubai

This question bothers every parent no matter whether their child is studying in their own city, or in Dubai. You can hear endlessly horrible stories about almost every country in the world, but the UAE is "the reverse side of the coin" - this country is an exception. Occupying one of the leading places in the absence of crime, UAE is a land with very hardcoded laws and is strictly adhered to their execution. Quit streets, no drugs and other harmful tempters for youth. Even alcohol is under a certain restriction. Absolutely nothing distracts students from learning, they live and study in a calm and safe environment.

Opportunities for foreign languages

While studying in Dubai, students get an opportunity not only learn in their native language, but also in English. The locals are making their language echoes and also teach Arabic. As one of the world's centers of tourism, Dubai can help to learn French, Spanish and other languages. It is an oasis of different European schools. These skills all together make students´ future prospects even more brilliant.

Opening horizons in Dubai with Russian University

Dubai is not just a squeeze of theoretical knowledge and disciplines. This is also permanent workshops in first-class hotels and "stared" luxury hotel. It is a knowledge of the business coordination of staff and the administrative management. Systematic training in order to achieve improvement and development of efficiency and professionalism, methodically built training Russian University degree in UAE combines personal development with the completion of skills, thereby expanding horizons and perceptions.

Russian University degree UAE

Prospects of Education in Dubai

We can speak a lot about the opportunities that offers Russian University degree in UAE. But the major aspects affecting the future prospects are: Dubai's position among the leaders in the development of tourism; domestic professional teachers; study of the implementation of theoretical knowledge in reality, directly in the tourism sector and, of course, one of the world's best schools in hospitality and service. Coming all the way, the graduate will be able to decide - whether to stay and to work in the UAE, or to return home and start a career in his/her professional area developing the local tourism sector.

The main advantages of choosing

Education in Dubai opens only bright perspectives. A student lives in a safe country, gets professional education in their mother language, combining a possibility of learning other language schools. Systematic practice in the advanced foreign hotels, communicating with different people and effective networking, personal and emotional development, ready to embark on a major road of business- Our students have a possibility to stay and to work in the UAE, one of the leading tourist destinations in the world.