Bachelor of Logistics Management - Russian University Master in Dubai.

One of the leading departments of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics in Dubai is the program "Bachelor of Management of logistics".

Russian University Master in Dubai

Logistics in Dubai

In the twenty-first century Logistics in Dubai (the world´s passenger and transport center) represents one of the most developed areas of economics and business in a global context. The Russian University Master in Dubai knows that the success of this business sector has several factors, the main one of them is a good geographical location - between the world's economic giants India and China.

Those countries have a significant state support, they are fast-growing economic indicators, development of logistics chains, a modern transportation network for passengers and freight, a modern transportation network for passengers and freight, along with low taxation in the UAE provides stakeholders valuable business opportunities in any field in Dubai. Russian University understands this demand. All together with another huge neighboring regions of Africa, the total population of China, India and the UAE there are about 3.7 billion people, so it is no exaggeration to say that the volume of ongoing sea and air trade flows through Dubai is enormous. The objective of the whole country to become a leading global player in the passenger transport and logistics, and the provision of logistics business attracts a lot of opportunities for development. Logistics in Dubai, with its billions of investments - not only one of the most formed, planned and developed business areas in the world, but the sphere that is actively developing further.

This successful component of the city attracts thousands of students from all over Dubai to learn the program of logistics management and an enormous experience.

Because of all these reasons, Russian University Master in Dubai is very popular in Dubai, however, the program of our University, along with the objective advantages of the city, offers for students the largest scientific and educational base, inherited from the head of the university branch in St. Petersburg, and further Master's program in Dubai.

Department of logistics and trade policy of the head of the University in St. Petersburg, that´s why 2013 in UAE – logistics - became one of the leading scientific and pedagogical schools of St. Petersburg in the development of teaching-commerce and logistics in terms of economic integration, transferred its scientific and progressive principles of the branch in Dubai.

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Graduates of this program are assigned an academic degree of Bachelor of Management of logistics) Russian University education in UAE). Diploma on successful completion of the program makes it possible to find a suitable job in Dubai and around the world. Further Masters in Dubai and the release of the most sought after professionals - borders, to which we aspire in the preparation of our students.

Experience in research activities

The teaching staff of the Russian University Master in Dubai, consisting of highly qualified experts, it helped to create curricula and programs for disciplines in the field of logistics management. This program is aimed to train professionals in management and logistics, which will be guided by their extensive knowledge of the theoretical foundations and the laws of the economy, the methodology and logistics, theory and practice of logistics management.

Disciplines - Bachelor of logistics in Dubai

Education program "Bachelor of Management Logistics" in the branch include the study of these dogmas logistics disciplines:

  • theoretical foundations of logistics;
  • management of logistics supply chain;
  • economic in logistics;
  • use of economic and mathematical methods and use of simulation in logistics;
  • technology in transport logistics supply chain;
  • technology and IT-systems in the management of logistics supply chain;
  • transport and storage processes;
  • monitoring and management of logistics systems;

and much more.

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Today the profession logistics demands not only in Dubai but also all around the world and at the same time in the Russian-speaking countries, it is quite scarce since training began to offer this specialty not so long ago.

The mission of Russian University education in UAE is a training of people that can become a new progressive generation of managers and specialists of different categories in Russia and other countries.

We develop in our students a wide range of modern knowledge and practical skills in the field of logistics and business to develop their abilities to solve various administrative and logistical tasks for possession of modern technologies and business analysis.

Graduated in Dubai

Graduates of our program are waited by multinational corporations, joint stock companies, organization of various forms of ownership and size, logistics centers, developing logistical systems. The graduates of Russian University Master in Dubai work successfully in government, in the services of logistics, manufacturing companies, procurement and trade enterprises, scientific and research organizations, and higher and secondary special educational institutions. Struggling with competencies, they plan the delivery process of raw materials and finished products, the movement of material dispensed, service and information flow. Planning ahead, timely supply, productive organization, rapid transport, the successful management and objective monitoring of the logistics systems of different industries in view of cost, quality, schedule, ecology and life safety - of the underlying principles that we plant to the students in learning program.

Teachers program "Bachelor of Management Logistics" not only gives lectures on their subjects, but also gives an educational guidance, industrial and pre-diploma training of students, and provide advice help in the writing of theses, organizing exams, perform all other necessary activities to prepare the best specialists for various industrial and economic activity.

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Thus, the program "Bachelor of Logistics Management" (Russian University education in UAE) provides a brilliant base of knowledge and skills to continue students´ studies, so the logical continuation of professional development can serve as a graduation of the University Masters in Dubai, which certainly contributes to a fruitful career in the future.