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Russian University in UAE Russian University in UAE

Russian University in UAE - Graduation 2015

Traditionally months of May and June are the busiest months for students not only in universities all across the world, as this time is a time for presenting the final projects. When course paper is finished and sent to the proof-reading, mistakes are corrected and last changes are done, the most nervous time starts for the student – time to prepare for the final thesis defense.

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The branch of Russian University in UAE is actively cooperating with the main office in Russia, thus the thesis presentation takes place in the main university. Students have opportunity to defend thesis in front of professional faculty thesis committee. As a result 8 of our students have visited Saint-Petersburg this year for thesis defense and all of them got the marks of 4 and 5. Some students were a little disappointed for not having a maximum score due to being too nervous.

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Thesis committee:

  • Aleksey Cvetkov – Doctor of Economics, professor, Head of the Organization Management Department of organization management
  • Elena Pleshakova – Doctor of Economics, docent, professor of the Organization Management Department
  • Indira Salimyanova– Doctor of Economics, docent, professor of the Organization Management Department
  • Vladlena Zarembo – Doctor of Economics, docent, professor of the Organization Management Department
  • Vitaly Stelmashonok – PhD Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent, docent of the Organziation Management Department
  • Anastasiya Semyonova — Secretary of the State Certification Commission, Specialist in educational and methodical work of the Organization Management Department
  • Arina Yegorova – professor, deanary specialist Dubai branch

Members of thesis committee were very satisfied with the depth of the study conducted by our students in management, logistics, tourism and hospitality. Moreover, the ability of our students to give deep logical responses to complex questions surprised the committee. Overall, professors shared very positive feedback stating that final works presented this year can be used as a great base for the further research in the selected area and the acquired knowledge can be used in practice. Some students are considering to follow the recommendation and continue the research process, others already found desired positions in the field of tourism and hospitality. Russian University in UAE provide a great opportunity for those willing to work in these areas, as tourism is a part of countries master development plan.

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Although, the main goal of the visit was thesis defense, students also had time to learn about the studying process in the main University, to talk with the university representatives and ask them troubling questions, and, of course, to explore the Russia’s northern capital.