Wednesday, 12 August 2015 08:45

Russian training in the UAE

The trend of recent years shows that education abroad is increasingly popular among Russian students. In particular, the attention of many high school graduates are aimed in Russian training in Dubai, the center of the most developed business center of the Arab world. There are many reasons. One of the is that Dubai is a combination of the modern technology and traditional high service. UAE schools are not inferior even to European universities in the technical equipment, infrastructure development, and education level.

Russian training in Dubai

Training in Dubai is no longer the kind of a nonsense, it is a strong brand that has a high level of professionalism, discipline and innovative solutions. Many parents choose for their children Russian training in the UAE also because of the great career opportunities that are opened for graduates in the United Arab Emirates.

Therefore, more and more schools and universities open their branches here in Dubai. Among of them there are famous European, American, Canadian and Australian universities. Russian universities are not an exception. The year 2005 Saint Petersburg State University of Economics has opened its brunch in Dubai. Russian training in Dubai both in Russian and English has become an important distinguishing characteristic of many other universities, because speaking and writing in English and Russian well are the key factors in high performance in the business world.

The combination of theory and practice, international and interactive training methods are the main reasons for the high interest in Russian training in the UAE.

Many students are prejudiced against Russian universities because of its basic material is given in a theoretical basis, it is difficult applicable to the realities of modern life. UNECON and its brunches have set themselves the task to monitor the major business trends and adjust its program to modern business processes.

Russian training in UAE

It is known that Russian training in the UAE has the most modern technologies in the education of experts in the field of economics, management, logistics and hospitality business. And there are several reasons:

  • PRESTIGIOUS DIPLOMA. Graduate of UNECON get an international diploma accredited in Russia and abroad. It helps them to be employed or get a postgraduate education, if they need it.
  • MODERN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. Russian education in the UAE has absorbed the best of Russian and foreign techniques: interactive lectures, practical exercises, opportunity to visit companies and to study their management system, group and individual business projects.
  • SUCCESSFUL EMPLOYMENT. Russian education in Dubai, in the branch of UNICON gives great opportunities: our graduates have high chances to be hired in the major transnational companies. During the years of training, our students have access to many big organizations, get to know with its staff, make networking. This invaluable experience helps them to integrate into the business environment after finishing their training in UNICON.
  • CAREER. The knowledge and skills acquired over the years of their education, ensure graduates of UNICON quick career success in their business field. Russian education in the UAE has a distinctive feature - it creates not only high-level professionals, but also real leaders. That's what makes our modern system of education different from the classical high school. Computer classes, an innovative laboratory, a large library, an extensive audio library - all this makes the university branch of our university outstanding in terms of modern technology.
  • PRACTICE IN ACTION. Students of UNICON are able to identify business goals and achieve them. The task of each practical lesson, group and individual business project is to define the goals and to find the ways to achieve it, to identify problems and to find solutions. Russian education in Dubai creates professional, goal-oriented and serious specialists.
  • ATTITUDE TOWARDS STUDENTS. The teaching staff of our university is a pearl of UNICON. Our staff has passed a very strict selection process: interviews, exams, psychological tests, demo lessons. Only the best of the best were chosen to work in the branch of our university, because Russian training in Dubai is a qualitatively new degree in economics, management, logistics and hospitality business. It is very important that teacher not just “put” knowledge into students´ heads, but to create individuals, professionals, leaders who can lead wisely. Russian training in the UAE helps students to discover their potential and talents, thus positively affecting the future life and career of the children. Another characteristic of our high school is to respect our students, treat them as mature people, not as children. So the students become adults, they take responsibility for their actions, performance and professional future.
  • SPEAKING LANGUAGES. We practice bilingual education in our university, it helps students to speak and to write correctly, not only in their native language, but also in English. Studying in English speaking country - Russian training in Dubai is a perfect place to learn English because almost everyone there is bilingual. This is an excellent practice for students. If desired, students can also learn Arabic, because it is the official language of the UAE.