Wednesday, 12 August 2015 09:28

The best universities in Dubai.

United Arab Emirates is a country that became a symbol of development and new technologies, multi-million dollar business and great opportunities. Every year, immigrants from all over the world come here, hoping to find their place under the sun. Unfortunately, the majorities of comers are not experts, they are people with no education. In the UAE there is a shortage of professionals, high-level graduates in economics, finance, hospitality, management and logistics.

best Russian universities Dubai

That is how has started the development of Russian higher education in the UAE: many large universities have been opened in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to train local and foreign students.

Also in the late nineties, many world´s famous universities have opened their branches. So UNICON´s brunch has been founded in Dubai and opened its doors to high school graduates who want to pursue higher education in management hospitality and logistics. These are the best Russian universities in Dubai, they perform their programs in English, French, Russian, Arabic and other languages.

Every year 15 thousand students graduate in the United Arab Emirates. Russian higher education in the UAE is the first step to a great professional success for young people from Europe, America and Australia. Having started his career in the specialty guys graduated in the best Russian universities in Dubai, have had quick results in multinational companies, many have opened their own business.

The best Russian universities in Dubai is a list of the most prestigious higher institutions. UNICON is among of them, it takes it rightful place. That doesn't happen by accident. Graduates of UNICON´s branch in Dubai are the real leaders, highly trained professionals. After their graduation they have been hired in the big international companies.

Universities have opened in Dubai many different faculties. Russian higher education in the UAE offers a wide range of training programs of different levels, in the end each graduate receives Bachelor's or Master's degree. UNICON offers training in the most popular business areas: tourism and hospitality management and logistics. Professionals in these areas are the most popular specialists in the world´s market.

The best Russian universities in Dubai have a bilingual education. Since teaching in UNICON is conducted in Russian and English, our student can communicate and write on both languages fluently. Theoretical and practical training is conducted by professors, assigned from the Main Office. Training Program is a combination of the Russian traditional school and international practices.

Russian higher education in UAE

Russian higher education in the UAE will be an invaluable experience for young people, because Dubai is the perfect place to study and relax. Firstly, the good infrastructure of the city will allow the children enjoy themselves in their free time: shopping, sports, beaches and discos. Secondly, the United Arab Emirates is a strict country, where possession and use of drugs is strongly prohibited, excessive alcohol consumption is suppressed, and national polices works 24 hours a day. And afterwards, Dubai is one of the gastronomic destinations in the world, the city has a huge number of restaurants and cafes, where children will be able to taste dishes from all over the world.