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Russian education in the UAE

As in most countries, Russian education in the UAE has a multi-stage system. Cooperative education very rarely practiced in schools, boys and girls study separately.

This year the Ministry of Education of the UAE has impose an order: pupils are required to wear a uniform starting from the next year (after the end of the month of Ramadan) in all primary and secondary school. It doesn´t apply for Russian Univesities in the UAE.

Russian Univesities in UAE

This law is aimed at the unification of pupils´ clothing. The United Arab Emirates is an open-minded country to all the nationalities and religions, but its traditions are highly respected. The UAE is a part of the Muslim world, therefore the rules of separate learning and austerity in clothes are fixed by law.

Authorities of the UAE are struggling with illiteracy. Russian Univesities in the UAE are opened both for boys and girls. Unlike many Muslim countries, women are encouraged education. The role of ladies in the UAE is changing very rapidly. It is known that some women work in the Parliament of the country (the so-called National Council).

There are a lot of educational institutions for children of any age in Dubai. More and more new schools and universities open tçhere. Investment in the Russian education in the UAE is a great investment, because here education has a strong practical platform. Pupils and students don´t only study books, audio and video materials, also they are involved in creating projects and professional researches.

Russian education in UAE

Each school encourages its students to practice sports. All the Univesities in the UAE have trainings: gymnastics, ballet, soccer, swimming, golf, horseback riding or tennis.

It is known that Russian education in the UAE comply with the world standards: almost all the Russian Univesities in the UAE give accredited worldwide diplomas. Emirates government creates the necessary conditions for foreign experts and scholars to come and to work in local universities. Over the past twenty years, many branches of well-known universities were opened in the country. So, public univesities in the UAE feel serious competition.

Universities of the USA, Australia, France, Britain, Russia and many other countries set eyes on the Emirates. And there are several reasons. The UAE has a dynamic economy, it is a fiscal paradise, a "Disney Land for adults" - as it is often called by foreigners. Parents of high school graduates are interested to send their children in here. Firstly, there are very low crime rates and strict laws. Secondly, studies in the UAE guarantees excellent career opportunities in the Emirates and in other developed countries.

Finally, the price! Comparing to Europe or the US, the cost of Russian education in the UAE is much lower. Of course, the Emirates is not a cheap country, but anyway it attracts. Especially Russian education in the UAE is interesting for those who would like to build a career in the tourism and hospitality industry. After all, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are known as the cities with the best hotels and excellent service.

Generally Russian Univesities in the UAE have a bilingual education. One of them must is to speak English. You cannot survive in today's business world without it. English-language environment helps even not talented students to learn to speak English quickly.

Many college graduates are attracted by MBA program in the Emirates. Universities of the UAE offer various options for education. The level of education in the country is remarkably strong because students receive not only theoretical knowledge, but a practical one: business cases, master classes with executives from big companies, study day-to-day work in multinational companies - these all help young specialist to learn the material and feel confident in any business environment.

Russian Univesities in the UAE help to get student visa, which gives a work permit. Many successful leaders have started their careers in Dubai.

There are many training courses, language schools and computer courses in the UAE. In a rapidly changing world you can never stop to develop yourself, fortunately in Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are many ways to improve your skills and discover new talents.

Russian education UAE

One of the must before moving to Dubai, especially in Abu Dhabi, is to study carefully rules and beliefs of the inhabitants of the Emirates. Russian education in the UAE will be a fascinating journey into the world of the East. After all, this country - a vivid example of the combination of tradition and innovation. In one day you can see on the street an elegant and modern-dressed man in the latest Ferrari model, and an Arab in long robes riding a camel.