Tuesday, 18 August 2015 13:01

Study abroad.

Canada and the United States always have been the countries where students from around the world learn English, get acquainted with American technology and higher education. There is a big advantage: US and Canadian universities make agreements with other institutions, so students learn program of both universities and upon graduation receive two diplomas.

Russian univesities in Dubai

As Russian universities in Dubai, Canadian universities help student to get visa, that allows them to stay and work in Canada after graduation but just for 3 years. Education in the United States is more prestigious education then Canadian. The relations between Russia and the United States are not easy at the moment, therefore, the number of Russian students wishing to study in the States, has rarely reduced. This benefites universities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beijing and other cities of the East and Asia.

Unlike Canada, the United States allows graduates to stay in the country just one year and during that time to prove themselves as professionals. And unlike many other countries, work search is very difficult, by the fact that the universities recommended their best students to employers, but they recommend only outstanding kids, especially in the IT field.


Education In Canada is cheaper than in the United States: a year of education can cost 10 to 40 thousand Canadian dollars. (Note that the Canadian dollar is cheaper than the US – 1CAD is 0.74USD).

Russian universities in Dubai and other UAE cities are similar in a level of education. There are many universities in the United States and all they are different in a level of preparation of specialists. The spread in price is also significantly – one year education can cost from 7 to 90 thousand dollars, entrance exams are difficult.

Higher education in the United Arab Emirates in recent years has developed a lot, and although the country's universities are not at the top of international rankings, Russian education in Dubai and Abu Dhabi meets international quality standards.

Students in the UAE can organize their education and labor time the way the like it.

Master's course, for example, can be distributed over several years. "Evening classes" allow students to work during the day and study at night. Salaries in the UAE are high enough not just to have some extra money, but pay off their education and housing.

An excellent air service is established between Dubai and Russian cities. Flight is quite tedious, so parents can visit their children in the Emirates, and the students can fly home for on vacations.

Disadvantages of education in each of the country

Disadvantage of education in Canada is that the student due to huge distance will rarely be able to come to Russia. Communication by Skype is also problematic because of the time difference. Study in Dubai is the perfect option, because Emirates are in a 5-6 hour flight from any city in the central part of Russia. Time difference between Dubai and Moscow is 1 hour for instance.

It is different to find job in the United States. This country attracts the best professionals from all over the world. So it is difficult for a young specialist to survive in the competition.

Russian Education in Dubai is a real godsend, because student start trainings and professional practice from the first year, and thus get business connections.

Russian Education in Dubai

Russian Education in Dubai is fun, but it is a little difficult to get used to climate of the city. The temperature during the year varies from + 14C to + 50C, sandstorms occur; the climate is very humid city. But let us remind you that Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf coast, and local beaches are very clean. It isn´t forbidden to wearing trunks and bikinis, although Emirates - this is a Muslim country, the locals respect other cultures and religions. (Topless sunbathing is still not recommended).

Each person searching for educational course must not only review universities´ program but also read about the country where he wants to go: to learn how locals feel about foreigners, about the foreign culture, and so on, so students will not get a cultural shock, and will build wisely their career and life in the chosen country.