Tuesday, 18 August 2015 13:09

Globalization in education

The modern world is driven by globalization and higher education is no exception. We know that education abroad has become popular among all strata of the population, because a graduate of a foreign university studied an international program that combines knowledge and experience of several schools. For example, Japanese universities and the educational institutions of the Far East prepare together Masters, the best universities in Dubai invite lecturers from famous institutions and multinational companies, well-known Russian universities open branches abroad.

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Japanese Hokkaido University signed an agreement with five Russian institutions of higher education to joint training of masters from Russia and Japan. These are the Russian universities that particip in the program: Irkutsk State University, Khabarovsk Pacific National University, Yakutsk North-Eastern Federal University, Sakhalin State University and the Far Eastern Federal University. This exchange program will help the students to have an experience of Japanese teachers and students, to learn English (training will be held in this language), to get familiar with the culture of Japan.

The best Russian universities of Dubai create all conditions for foreign teachers from all over the world to come and teach. Exchange of experiences, practical exercises, lectures, interactive classes help students to become a part of the international business community, to learn the latest information and improve their knowledge of foreign languages.

Russian Univesitie Dubai

In the case of Russian universities - the majority have already switched to the international system: bachelor - master. This allowes the best Russian universities to open their branches abroad. Training is conducted in Russian and English. Russian students in Dubai say that thanks to study in the UAE and numerous internships they expand their horizons, learn to work in a team and acquire interesting business contacts.

Globalization has had a great impact on education: by development of information technology people have gained access to a large number of training manuals and videos. This is a big pro. But there is a corn – information in Internet is poorly structured and systematized. Independently acquire knowledge using the Internet source - is not easy.

The best Russian universities in Dubai create special departments for classification of online materials. Electronic, audio and video materials are carefully selected, analyzed by their relevance, and stored for future use.

Russian students in Dubai have access to online libraries of their universities. Note that the computer labs are equipped with the latest PCs, printers and scanners. So preparing essays, coursework and diplomas is becoming more a convenient and qualitative process. If previously students had to order books in libraries, then rewrite them or reprinted, and Internet search was a lengthy process: keyword search was presenting the entire flow of information available on the Internet.

Thanks to modern methods of systematizing information and skilled specialists, the best Russian universities in Dubai offer to their students a new search system that searches articles and books that are 100% beneficial for education.

Since training in Dubai - is a great choice for those who wish to study abroad.