Tuesday, 01 September 2015 07:44

There are a lot of rumors and legends about Emirates, and particularly about Dubai: they say about luxury living, magnificent skyscrapers, gourmet restaurants. And over the last 20 years you can a lot hear about a wonderful education of universities in Dubai.

This article is about this wonderful city and its inhabitants.

Dubai is a place for vacation. A huge number of bars, clubs, restaurants, shops of all possible brands, beaches and, of course, oriental exotics attract progressive and adventurous people. After an exciting vacation in this paradise, many of them start thinking about moving to the UAE for permanent residence.

Note that there are three ways to stay in the UAE, if you are not a resident: a working or a student visa (universities in Dubai and other cities of the United Arab Emirates help to get the student one), to buy real estate at the cost from $ 270,000, or start own business.

Working in Dubai

To get a job in Dubai is not easy, but possible. Education and experience are of the most value, as, in general, throughout the civilized world, but there is an issue with a nationality. Belonging to the European race is a plus: oddly enough in the East, white people are treated well.

The majority of Filipinos, Indians, Pakistanis work in small positions or they hold their small businesses. Some people to advance in the company accumulate enough money for education. An education in the UAE – isn´t just a theoretical knowledge, but also an opportunity to have internships in the international organizations.

The salary of a good specialist is from 3 000 to 20 000 US dollars per month. Although life in Dubai is not a cheap pleasure, at a salary of a professional you can live well and have fun.

Universities in Dubai
Accommodation in Dubai

The cost of real estate in Dubai depends on the selected zone. In the area of Down Town Burj Khalifa a square meters costs around $ 5500, apartments in tower Burj Khalifa costs about $ 11,000, and the price of real estate in JLT and Dubai Marina is about $ 3000 per square meter. Many universities in Dubai are the owners of student campuses, where accommodation is usually included in the cost of education.

It is considered perfectly normal to have a reception, secure underground parking and social area (a place of leisure of the residents of the building) In residential building in Dubai. There are a pool, a gym, a playground and barbecue area with tables and chairs in the social area. Homeowners can enjoy it whenever they want; apart from payments of light, water, and Internet they pay utility bills of the residential complex - the use of social area, concierge and security services.

A good one-bedroom apartment costs around $ 50 000.

Education in the UAE attractes many young people. But not everyone wants to live in campus. Many people rent an apartment alone or with classmates. Thus, students feel more comfortable, because in the campus there is a regime, after 11:00pm, for example, you cannot not enter neither leave the campus, as a rule, it is not allowed to invite guests to students´ rooms. Students can spend time with friends in rented apartments and host parents and relatives who came to visit them.

Food in Dubai

The cost of products in Dubai is 30-40% higher than in Russia. Fish and seafood are cheaper. People usually buy food in supermarkets. Locals and poor citizens visit markets, because food is cheaper there and you can bargain. Purged in supermarkets - the highest quality. The heat in Dubai is sometimes reaches +50C, so supermarkets take a good care about cooling units and smart logistics. There is a huge number of tropical fruit from India, Malaysia and Thailand that you can see in the Emirates. Youngsters, who study universities in Dubai have this pleasure to try overseas goodies.

Medicine in Dubai

The level of medicine in the UAE answers all the international standards: qualified staff, the newest equipment, hygiene. But it is not cheap! Therefore it is recommended to have medical insurance. It is important to get an incurrence from a company that has a branch in the Emirates. Because even a visit even a therapist can costs 100-200 dollars.

In the next article we will talk you about other interesting facts about Dubai: entertainment, sports, cars, equipment, education and, of course, oriental exotics.