Tuesday, 01 September 2015 08:47


There is an opinion in Russian and in the CIS countries that education abroad is a best choice, that any foreign university offers a better education as a domestic one.
According to recent studies it is not smart to choose a university just because it is abroad. First, you need to decide what specialty you want to have.

Indeed, if your chose to study hospitality and logistics: study in the Emirates is the right choice. The UAE is famous for its tourist service and logistics system.
For medical students we would recommend to study in Russia, Latin America or Asia. Why not Europe or the North America? It's all about practice. Students of medical universities in developed countries are not allowed to practice on real people if they are not graduated, and in developing countries students start assisting graduated doctors from the first year of university. That is why when people finish their medical school, for example, in the US are face a real life of a doctor - stress, blood, panic, death, they give up. The mentality of many of graduates cannot stand. So they decide to have a requalification.

Secondly, it is important to determine: what language you would like to learn. For example, students in Dubai have an opportunity to study not only English, which is fundamental in any business and international relations, but also Arabic. Fortunately there are plenty of courses in the country, plus the daily language practice with the locals who do not speak in English.

Study in the Emirates
According to recent researches in the field of education, students should pay attention to the study of one or more of the six world languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French. The majority of world's population speaks these languages.
Study in the Emirates is conducted in two languages, one of them is English. Students are offered extra classes to learn other languages, that contributes a lot to the development of young professionals. Universities invite foreign teachers to use the method of "immersion", when students learn how to think in another language, not just memorize words, but to say ready-made phrases.

Some Russian schools still use the classic method of learning words. Thus, their students talk using plenty of "russitsizm", they make grammatically correct sentences, but in reality no one speaks like this.

Students in Dubai constantly communicate with their foreign classmates. It's a great experience in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation.
Thus, before you start searching for the university, think where you see your future, what people of which nationality you will surround while learning, what professional opportunities for you has each country. Your search should be started with defining your goals. One of the important tips that give students to applicants, is to take short-term courses such as language classes in a country where you would like to get higher education. For a month or two you will get a first impression, which is very valuable.