Thursday, 17 September 2015 12:10

What studing program abroad to choose.

Studying abroad has always been the prerogative of rich families children, because at all times it was believed that an experience and knowledge that have been given to a child abroad will help him to succeed in life better than other fellow, who studied in the motherland. Therefore, education was very expensive. Things began to change in the late 20th century. Transport system development and globalization have allowed families of middle-income to send their children on short-term and long-term training programs abroad.

Universities in Dubai

Programs Europe are still an elite education. But, for example, education in the UAE, China, Malaysia are very affordable for a wide range of consumers. One of the most popular forms of learning became a language course, and despite the fact that it is difficult to call a complete education, to speak knowledge of foreign languages was a prerequisite for the success of almost any business.

Foreign boarding schools and colleges also have developed. The institutes of the world began to open student exchange programs, internships abroad and started to invite foreign teachers and experts from big organizations as lecturers. For example, universities in Dubai have agreements with multinational companies and international hotels to organize workshops for their students.

The education system in the UAE is relatively young, but over the past few decades has reached the world´s level. Schools in Emirates are in demand not only among the locals but also foreigners. Public and private educational institutions were opened in the biggest cities of the country: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Fujairah. These universities prepare competitive, language skilled and open-minded specialists.

Education in the UAE is conducted according all the international standards. The most popular programs are finance, medicine, logistics, hospitality, management and others. Many foreigners live in the Emirates, so an important aspect of education in this country is public relations. Students gain a valuable knowledge and experience to cooperate successfully with people from other cultures and religions. Respect and understanding of their colleagues and business partners leads to fast business decisions, successful deals and smart completion of projects. Teamwork and flexibility are the key areas of training, which grant universities in Dubai and other major cities in the UAE.

Let´s make a comparison to UK institutions. One of the priorities in this country is learning "the most correct" English and a classical school of economics and finance. Therefore, many parents decide to send their children to that country for higher education. After all, the English language has long been international, and that is why they think that, ideally, and education should be proceed it in the country of "the primary source".

But it is evident the globalization of English has turned it into a "globalish", which allows slightly incorrect pronunciation and simplified language constructions. Education in the UAE is conducted on international version of English. It is known that many have difficulty in understanding the British English, and the British confess that sometimes do not understand their native language as it is spoken by foreigners. But foreigners understand each other perfectly.

One of the disadvantages of education in England can be a difficulty in obtaining visas for Russian citizens and people from the CIS. It is a long, expensive, and sometimes nervous process. There are many cases when people were refused a visa without explanation. Universities in Dubai, for example, simplify the process of obtaining a student visa and ensure that the student will have the right not only to study, but also to get a professional experience in the UAE. By the way European student visas usually forbid students to work. Thus, all the costs of the child in the country falls on the shoulders of parents. A student, in turn, looses an opportunity to develop professionally and to put into practice his knowledge.

Education in the UAE

Once the student has completed his training it will be very difficult for him to stay in the UK to work. Without an experience, connections, graduates usually have to go back home. Education in the UAE has helped many graduates to start their careers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other developed cities in Emirates. After all, experience gained during the years of education in the country, helps to become a leader, an active member of society, to be able to identify their priorities to cope with the tasks and improve themselves in the industry.

In the next article we compare higher education in the UAE with the educational institutions of the USA and Canada.