Thursday, 17 September 2015 12:16

Learning the hotel business and tourism.

Study in the Emirates, and high school diploma of the UAE university helps graduates to get a job in the best hotels in the world. Over the past decade it has become axiomatic.

Study in the Emirates

The British company Quacquarelli Symonds has made a research of study programs of universities around the world and announced that a leading place is occupied by universities of Asia and East. Indeed the level of education in the Third World over the past decade has reached the level of European and North American institutions. The best university in the world is the National University of Singapore.

In the Emirates, in the last twenty years there has been a real education boom. Higher education in the UAE has received an international accreditation. Government of the UAE and private organizations invest in technical base of universities, computer equipment, libraries and an invite to the opening of foreign lecturers from other countries.

There is a huge amount of training offers in the country to suit different tastes and budgets. It is important not to become a victim of color booklet or sounded advertising when you choose the right college for you.

There are certain principles that will help you to pick the school with the best higher education in the UAE in the field of hospitality and tourism:

1. The accreditation of the diploma on the international labor market.
In the first place it is worth paying attention to how "serious" is the university you choose, whether it is a branch of a famous university, respected and recognized in the society? Are the program are conduced according to world standards of quality? Will your diploma be competitive in the labor market?

These questions you should ask not only employees of a university, but also to try to find out it in HR departments of big companies and recruitment agencies.

2. Relevance of the received education.
Study in the Emirates in most of high schools is conducted using newly edited books, audio and video. But do not forget that economic situation in the world changes rapidly. And so smart universities always make an annual review of training materials and develop additions and clarifications.

It is therefore logical that applicants are asking the following questions: how relevant are the materials used during the training? How often are they reviewed and updated?

education in the UAE

3. Theory and practic
Higher education in the UAE is known worldwide for its interesting practical component. As we mentioned in our other articles - Emirates universities cooperate with multinational organizations, international hotels, tour operators, etc. The fact is that companies are constantly looking for talented young professionals, and universities are trying to develop professional skills in their students.

Before entering an institution, it would be good to find out what percentage theory and practice have in the training process? What practical assignments and projects are carried out by students during the years in their university? Will study of the Emirates in the selected high school receive professional practices?

4. Sports

Notice what types of sports are practiced in the university. Are these activities available for students? Would you like to spend your free time going in for sports?

These are the basic principles that will allow you to choose a university of your dreams, to develop your professional skills and become a competitive specialist in the international labor market.