Sunday, 18 October 2015 13:59

Entertaining excurcions for students in the UAE

In the past few years Dubai has become a incomparable metropolis, keeping its eastern traditions. This emirate has become a symbol of prosperity and wealth. But apart from Dubai there are many fascinating places in this country that will cause your admiration.

You can visit the art gallery and see masterpieces of Muslim artists, the waxwork museum, enjoy the sunset on a boat crossing the bay and see the wonderful palace of the ruler of Dubai, buy jewelry from precious metals and gorgeous fabrics, and enjoy amazing sweets on the eastern markets.

Students in Dubai

Many foreign students are getting education in Dubai, cost of education incluids cultural activities: city tours and its outskirts.

The tour is called "Virtual Dubai" it is devoted to the architecture of the city. Skyscrapers rose out of sand and have created a magnificent city: gorgious hotels, large shops and boutiques, luxurious restaurants - it is a magic oasis created in desert. City tour will help you to navigate and to map out the places you want to visit later: mosques, galleries, restaurants, museums, shopping malls.

The logical finale of this tour will be a visit one of the most legendary places in the city: the students in Dubai will see the city at night in all its glory and fountain show Burj Dubai. Fabulous crystal water and enchanting music will delight even the most discerning travelers.

One of the most traditional emirates is a Sharjah. Here, visitors can visit the incomparable mosque with a fragrant garden. The mosque can accommodate up to 3,000 visitors. This building is a gift of the ruler of Saudi Arabia. The suprime ruler of the emirate comes here to pray.

The next stop will be the "Oriental Venice". Students in Dubai say that this is one of the most wonderful places - Al Qasba: floating city will welcome you with its cozy cafes, cute shops and fine restaurants.

Would you like to visit an oasis? We believe that the answer is yes, especially when you learn - that this oasis is the birthplace of the first president of the United Arab Emirates!

Then let´s make our way to the house-museum of Sultan Al Naiyana. There is a place on the border with Oman full of legends . Arab baths, and a great viewing platform offering spectacular views and a zoo located nearby, will impress everyone, because it is the largest zoo in the territory of the Arabian Peninsula.

The most exotic emirate is Ras Al-Khaimah. This ecological reserve consists of dunes, sea and mountains. Previously, it was called Pirate Coast. Because it is situated on the way to India. Shoppers will be able to visit here is the largest mall in the Emirates.

Swimming in the hot springs of Ras al-Khaimah is just an amazing thing, and the logical ending of this trip is a comfortable sea ride on a yacht, where you can enjoy the sunset and the extraordinary beauty of the prince's coast.

In the next article we will discuss a few other interesting places in the UAE.