Sunday, 18 October 2015 14:22

Myths about Emirates

About clothes

One of the major misconceptions is that women in the UAE should wear a headscarf, cover arms, shoulders and legs, not to offend the public. In fact it is not true. Girls and women are not required to cover their heads, not only when they go to schools and universities in the UAE, but also in public places and on the street. The usual clothes is quite acceptable.

Naturally too short shorts or dress, as well as a deep neckline - it is not the right choice. There were cases when women were asked to leave the shopping centers or restaurants because they were dressed provocatively.

Universities in the UAE

On the beach, women are allowed to wear bathing suits, but sunbathing top less is not recommended at all. This can lead to a fine.

About alcohol

There are strict laws on the sale of alcohol in the Emirates - only licensed places may sell liquor: bars, shops and restaurants. But it is not cheap. Students that receive higher education in the UAE say that the only place where alcohol is prohibited in called Sharjah. Normally people buy drinks in Duty Free on arrival to the Emirates.

It is forbidden to appear drunk on the street, and drive after drinking alcohol.

About prices

There is a myth that everything is cheap in the UAE. This is not true. There is period of sales (in February), where all shopping malls offer big discounts. People usually buy gold here. The reasons are the excellent quality, original design and a very tempting price.

Those who study in universities in the UAE, in the first place are surprised by a high demand on jewelry. This is a great investment, because gold is never devalued.

About unmarried couples

A lot of tourists come to the Emirates, both married people and just couples. The Arabs show no resentment if unmarried couple wants to stay into one room. Muslim world had to accept European traditions.

But an open expression of feelings in public, such as: very passionate hugs, kisses and caresses are not allowed. It can bring a lot of trouble.

Higher education in the UAE

Students enrolled in universities in the UAE comment that a friendly hug and hand shaking is quite a normal appearance. But more intimate caresses are permitted only at home or in nightclubs.

About transport

Many believe that the public transport in the Emirates is cheap. Metro and buses - yes, it really is an inexpensive mode of transport. But taxis are not that cheap. 2 weeks of taxi use can cost around $ 300. Subway trains are equipped with super new equipment: a remote control (as they have no drivers) and bus stops are air-conditioned capsules. In the next article we will tell you about other interesting facts about the Emirates.