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Education in Dubai

Higher education in the UAE becomes more and more attractive for young people. The fact is that last years the country has opened many international universities, where education is conducted in two or more foreign languages. These universities have international accreditation and they offer higher education at an affordable cost. All this makes high schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi very famous around the world. Students from many countries dream of living and studding in the UAE, in an economically stable and secure country.

There are 2 kinds of universities in Dubai: public and private. Private universities are represented by branches of foreign universities in the United States, Australia, England, Russia, etc. One of the most famous universities in Dubai is American University of Dubai. The big advantage is that the training in the UAE is not worse than in European or American, and the price is far more accessible than, for example, education in such prestigious institutions as Harvard, Oxford or Sorbonne.

Universities in Dubai

MBA classes are of the great demand among college graduates and professionals. For example, MBA education in Dubai includes not only training of a high quality but also opportunities to get a great professional experience in large multinational companies.

Only some documents are needed in order to enter a college in the Emirates: a certificate of upper secondary education, the results of the graduate exam or submission of certain entrance exams. An important prerequisite is the knowledge of foreign languages and the ability to pay fully education in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
2003the Emirates celebrated the opening of "Knowledge Village" (a free economic zone). This allowed the 200 major universities from around the world to open in the United Arab Emirates their branches and to offer students from around the world an education of a high quality at a very affordable price (especially compared with the UK and the US). Most of the students are also interested in training in the UAE because of the low crime rate.

Universities in Dubai are known for their strict rules, especially in terms of student campuses: a mandatory separation (boys live separately from girls), as well as students are not allowed to invite guests to their rooms.

Night Life

Dubai is known for its exciting nightlife. Despite the strict Muslim customs, an industry of clubs and bars is highly developed. After all, tourism has always been one of the most important areas of the emirate's income. Every week well-known DJs from all over the world come to Dubai. The famous clubs have famous music styles: house, trance, funk, soul, hip-hop, R&B and others. Youngsters who get education in Dubai, say that there is no dress-code in the clubs, but men can enter only if they came in the company of women. In some clubs it is enough to make a table reservation. Minors are not allowed to enter any club (age whose who are younger 21 years). Clubs are opened from 12 am to 3 am.


Another attractive aspect of the Emirates is good jobs. There are offices of the largest and most well-known companies in the world in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is a country that is known for its stable economy, a reliable investment and successful business. Every 55th person that lives in Emirates is millionaire. The government helps young people to study in local universities and abroad.


Universities in Dubai are known for their physical training programs for students. There are sections of football, basketball, cricket, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, etc. Universities organize competitions among their students and challenge other universities. Every year, played the Students Cup, guys train a lot in order to be the strongest in competition between higher schools.

Children who get education in Dubai and other cities in UAE can try almost any sport, on the ground or on the sea.

Education in Dubai

Dubai is the golf capital in the Middle East. 7 magnificent well-maintained golf clubs will surprise not only the beginners, but also professionals.

Beach volleyball, paragliding, windsurfing and classic surfing, kayaking, sailing, fishing on the yacht - these are a few sports that you can enjoy in Dubai.

Universities in Dubai organizing trips for their students, so they try a variety of sports. The great success have ski sports. It is unbelievable - there are winter paradises between a desert and palm trees in two major shopping centers Hyatt Regency Dubai and Dubai Leisure land opened in the ski slopes, where visitors can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sleigh and have a lot of winter fun.

Dubai is never boring!