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Interesting facts about Dubai

We will tell you interesting facts about the city in this article: tradition, amusing places and excursions - the best of the best about this city for those who has chosen to study in the University in Dubai.

Just 40 years ago there was a continuous desert, no skyscrapers, no high-ways or luxury hotels. Aas it was created out of sand there appeared a wonderful city Dubai that can be compared only to the major cities of the world.

University in Dubai

The climate is extremely hot in summer. The temperature reaches +50C. High humidity and dust storms are distinctive features of this area.

The UAE is one of the richest countries. About 59 millionaires in the country where live five million inhabitants. The government actively supports its citizens, providing them with all kinds of social support: the parent capital, high salaries for civil servants, etc. Emirates Government does not create any obstacles and bureaucratic delays for immigrants. So studying in Dubai could be the beginning of a career, not only labor, but also the move to permanent residence.

The UAE is a Muslim country, that has a fasting (Ramadan). During Ramadan, it is forbidden to eat or to drink on public during the day, you can do it only just after sunset. The working day is reduced to a few hours. There is government control of the alcohol industry. Also, the state is very strict to offenses, including the incorrect behavior on the road. The fine can reach $ 800. Each university in Dubai respects the students of all religions and nationalities, but clearly tells tp the children about the rules in their country.

Many European habits - like smoking on the street, living with a person of the opposite sex, too vulgar clothes can lead to problems, and sometimes administrative fines.

Women and men travel separately in the public transport - they sit in different wagons. You can pay all the public transport with a special card - you must apply it to a special sensor.

For lovers of shopping the most successful period is February festival.

Studying in Dubai is a great opportunity, because it is a city with almost no crime, it is one of the safest cities in the world, because the laws of this country are really strict. It attracts plenty of business because there are no profit taxes in the country. The city is growing; there are a large number of business opportunities.

Dubai residents stroll through a shopping mall in his spare time. Since climate of this city is very humid, the majority prefers to spend time in air-conditioned building. Here the mass of shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas. Each university in Dubai organizes tours for their students, for example, there is one of the largest aquariums of the world in the Dubai Mall with more than 33 thousand species of fish and 80 species of marine inhabitants. This mall is worth to be visited to see big, tiger and sand sharks, octopuses, crabs and fish-hammer.

One of the exciting adventures is safari. Here, experienced drivers will be able to show their driving skills in the desert. Studying in Dubai offers an unprecedented world for the children of the east. Travelers will be able to see a beautiful sunset, camel caravans, to visit the village of Bedouins, oases, try Arabic coffee with dates. And some lucky people can see the falconry and try camel milk. An advice for those who wants to go – take some motion sickness medicine.

Although the Koran forbids gambling, but the Emirates is a venturesome country. And one of the favorite sports is camel races, which take place in special racetracks.

Camels are known as slow-moving creatures, and it is simply impossible to believe that they develop on the run speed of 60 kilometers per hour.
Each university in Dubai trying to show his students the most interesting. Race horses - one of the most spectacular sights. Horse racing in Dubai is expensive - for the participants. Among the horses participating in a race, there are horses, Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Chechen Republic.

There are car races in the Emirates. The most popular sport is football. Many are addicted to golf, horseback riding, tennis, bowling, etc. There are 2 skiing sport centers - covered sheds with snow, fully equipped for winter fun.

Study in Dubai

Studying in Dubai is an exciting time, beaches, travel on yachts, nightclubs and amusement parks.

There is "Marina" in the West part of Dubai. This is a very promising and growing area, located around the Bay of artificially made. "Marina" is recognized as the most fashionable pier in the world.

There is also a well-known shopping center called "Marina Mall" and lots of beautiful skyscrapers.

Dubai knows how to surprise!