Sunday, 25 October 2015 11:55

Now you can pass EGE at any time in the capital

Exams for students are always stressful. The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation has decided to give an opportunity to everyone, students of high school can take the self-test exam in any subject, and high school students may try again several times passing the exam. This service is paid. Exams are on the special stage, and cost is 400 rubles, but if you take a subscription for several exams, the price will be lower. Retake in two subjects (Russian and mathematics) are for free.

Russian higher education in the UAE

In order to receive higher education in the UAE, it is necessary to pass certain examinations or provide the results of the exam. Pupils either their parents can get to enlist. It is very simple - yo just have to enter the homepage of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and fill out a form. And you can apply to the Moscow Centre for Quality Education.

Students very often do not agree with the results of their examinations. They may protest the results. The staff of highly qualified specialists, as well as computers, scanners and verification system can detect an error and will give the correct results.
The program EGE remotely connected to verification testing. Therefore, the organizers are confident that students´ knowledge will be evaluated correctly and identify those issues that will need to brush up on.

Children from all over Russia and CIS the universities in the UAE. And fortunately this remote program exams available not only Muscovites, but also students from other cities. Heads of Russian Ministry sure that children must pass the inspection work. This will help them to develop the right attitude for exams, learn to prepare, to understand their mistakes and improve their results. After all, only such tests help assess the knowledge and get ready for the final delivery of the exam before entering the desired university.

Although this self-test are paid, and a demand for such services is growing. Before you get higher education in the UAE or in another country, the guys will be able to apply to the exam centers for the delivery of the summer-house tests and retake unified state examinations during the year.

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation EGE can be retaken for free but only for basic compulsory subjects (Russian and mathematics), and the final certification of the end of Grade 9.

But to retake other items is not possible, the law says so and they are not planing to change it.

universities Russian in the UAE

Education in the UAE is a difficult but a fascinating experience. Universities in the UAE are looking for trained applicants. Of course, many universities offer training courses and summer schools where children can learn English, get to know the city and learn the key points to pass the entrance examinations.
Competition in each institute is different, some students try to enter a university for a few years. But this is more related to medical and theater universities, which require not only knowledge, but also a pronounced predisposition to future profession.