Sunday, 25 October 2015 12:01

Myths about Emirates

About heat

Many believe that in the UAE unbearable hot. Yes, there is a period (May to September), when the temperature goes up to + 45C, but it feels like + 50C. It is low season for tourism, as well as in countries such as Israel and Egypt.
Local residents in this period take vacations and go on a journey.

Russian universities in the UAE

The children, who came to receive higher education in the UAE is not affected by a changing climate. They spend time in air- conditioned rooms. Why is that?

Even in the hottest period it is quite possible to live in the city. In Dubai, there is a very convenient infrastructure, so you do not need to appear on the street. Going down from your apartment, you find yourself in the underground parking.
Shopping malls, offices, subway and bus stops are equipped with air conditioning.

From October to April, the climate is very comfortable, and in January people wear sweaters, because you can just.

About pedestrian areas

There is a myth that in Dubai you can move around only by car. For example, students who study in universities in the UAE, love evening walks. In the city there are beautiful places, such as Marina Walk, District of Palma, beautiful parks, a pedestrian zone in the region of JBR, as well as the Al Barry.

Most of the people like to have a walk on shopping centers, as during the summer it is simply impossible to go out, because you can get sunstroke, even if you cover your head. Do not forget to drink plenty of drinks - water is the best choice.

About economy

Some argue that the locals are unfriendly or even wild, that they try to minimize their contact with people from other cultures.

higher education Russian in the UAE

This is not true. Firstly, more than a half of inhabitants of the country are emigrants: Indians, Filipinos, Pakistanis, also Europeans and Americans. So here you can find a person of any religion or skin color. Secondly, the Arabs (locals) have become accustomed to a large influx of foreigners. No one is aggressive to you for no reason. Universities in the UAE teach their students tolerance and respect for all nationalities.

About women's rights

There is an opinion that women in the UAE are servants, shadows of men. Today, women of this country have a large number of rights. They have an opportunity to study, to drive a car, to work and to hold positions in government.

Emirates is this wonderful country that is worth seeing!