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Interesting facts about Abu Dhabi

Education in the UAE

In the vastness of the desert there was created a marvelous city of Abu Dhabi. The history of this city has only a few decades. Delightful Emirate of beauty and ultra-modern skyscrapers, unusual parks, sports facilities and luxurious shopping centers. It is a city of business, tourism, entertainment. They build expensive villas and luxury hotels. Recently, the government is investing in universities Abu Dhabi.

Irrigation system allows to water grass and every bush. Abu Dhabi is the emirate that was built in the desert, but nevertheless it is a real paradise oasis. There are also a lot of trees, flowers and other tropical plants.

Residents of the Emirates are Arabs, and a huge number of immigrants from all over the world. It is one of the most advanced centers of transport communication - the business center that attracts people from all over the world: from America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

universities of Abu Dhabi

 Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate. It occupies 80% of the total area of the country. Students from around the world come to get an education in the UAE.

There is a beautiful legend about this marvelous city was founded and became the capital of the Emirates. Legend tells of hunters pursuing a gazelle. For a long time these people were chasing a wonderful animal, but when it seemed they caught him. Gazelle rushed to the Persian Gulf and then showed the hunters a spring of clean water. The men were so glad to find it that they decided to leave a noble creature alive. And in honor of it they named a new village - Abu Dhabi, that means "Father of the Gazelle".

This emirate is an archipelago that consists of 200 island. Students attending universities in Abu Dhabi, and tourists often spend their free time traveling to these islands.

The most curious of them are:Yas, Sir Bani Yas and Saadiyat.

Saadiyat Island (in translation - "island of happiness") is connected with Abu Dhabi with two highways. This is a world center of culture and entertainment. Construction of all facilities will be completed by 2018. The are going to open four magnificent museums dedicated to art and architecture, as well as several luxury hotels, golf courses, prestigious residential complexes and much more.

Here on a island of Saadiyat, you can see rare species of turtles, "Taku", that are listed in the "Red Book." One of the biggest construction company of Emirates took over a beautiful mission - to protect these wonderful animals and recovery their populations. Universities of Abu Dhabi organize tours for their students in this reserve on a mandatory basis.

Trails Formula - 1 and Ferrari parks are part of a beautiful island called "Yas". In its heart of the Circuit there is a luxury hotel Yas Marina Hotel, as well as a magnificent yacht club. Famous and wealthy citizens enjoy Formula - 1 show watching it from their personal white yachts.

Recently there was opened a fun water park "Yas Waterworld”. 45 exciting rides amuse every commer, and five of them are unique, you can never find alike in any part of the world.

For golfers there is a breathtaking golf camp, as well as a fabulous beach. Education to Abu Dhabi will be an unforgettable adventure!

Another beautiful island is Sir Bani Yas. It is far away from the capital - at a distance of 240 km. More than half of this island is occupied by the center of wildlife, as well as in safari visitors can see animals in their natural habitat.

Also there were carried out archaeological excavations in this island. A Christian monastery of 7th century was found. Now it is one of the attractions of this place.

One of the most magnificent hotel in the world is located in Abu Dhabi. It is called the Emirates Palace. Luxury hotel that hits all expectations. Palace of the tales of the Arabian Nights, comparisons are irrelevant. Everything, even the coffee with a golden cream, is your absolute delight.

universities of Abu Dhabi

Within ten days the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi is held. People that get education in Abu Dhabi dream to get into the fan zone Formula - 1, where you can go to a concert, watch great movies about the sea and break the world record for the sand castles construction.

To Abu Dhabi are many interesting activities. Visiting this emirate - is a truly extraordinary experience.