Saturday, 19 December 2015 11:17

Russian in Dubai

Many Russians dream to move to Dubai. We have heard a lot of interesting stories about those who have picked this city as a home and have started their careers here. Today we will tell you what one can expect here. Maybe you have travelled around the world and you think that nothing can surprise you. We doubt. Dubai is a whole new world that makes you speechless.

When you appear in this city you feel like you belong to a high-class and have all the privilege of millionaires: the sun, the sea, the sense of the eternal resort, freedom of movement etc. Dubai is a safe city: you can safely go to the beach at 12 am or forget your laptop in the taxi (a taxi driver will bring it back in several hours). And best of all - it is an opportunity to not only see the beautiful side of life, starting at the wonderful gardens and flower and unlike London, Paris or Moscow, there are no drunks or bums or beggars on the streets - it is prohibited.

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The fact that you are Russian in Dubai does not make you better or worse. Here everyone is equal. It all depends on what you do and how you behave. Having such a happy life, it makes people lose weight without dieting, and the fact that there are no taxes in the UAE, no one looks at the color of your passport and any foreigner can open his own business makes everyone positive and active. It turned out that by investing in the country from 8 to 20 thousand dollars, you can simply open your company and get a business visa. (In America or England you will be asked to invest about a million dollars). Just make sure to get a business license.

After some time one easily can see the reverse side of the coin: behind all the luxury and night lights there is a poverty, mud and lots of people work hard whole day. Dubai is a city of workaholics. The only free day is Friday. Ones you work more, you gain more money. And this is the truth. Only a tourist or a very rich person can enjoy every day. The rest must try hard to stay in this heaven. Dubai quite underdeveloped tourism industry (in terms of the Russian expectations). Of course, there are plenty of hotels, malls, restaurants, amusements parks etc. But Dubai remains an expensive resort. The fact that Dubai does not want to have "cheap" tourists - there are no economic hotels and the "all inclusive" resorts by the sea. It is not Egypt or Turkey. Dubai has a very expensive service. You always should take a taxi to get to the beach. There are no sun loungers, umbrellas, cafes, toilets on the beach. If you need to have all conveniences - you can stay in Palma at a 5-star resort.

Not every Russian in Dubai feels comfortable enough to live here many years. The first difficulty is climate. Some people think that religion is one of the issues. It is not true. There are few locals in Dubai and a lot of emigrants from all over the world. During the last 25 years, while the city was under construction some native arabs have left. Manpower (Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese etc.) have become the main population. According to the last investigations, there are 70-90% of the population of Dubai are foreigners. And the remaining locals live in excellent conditions: they are paid the income from the sale of oil, the state gives 60 thousand dollars to every family who got a child, education is free of charge. Locals don´t work much, if do they have higher positions in big companies, their salaries are twice higher than that of migrants.

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Even though it sounds badly, each nation occupies its own working area. Indians and Pakistanis work as drivers, cleaners and builders, Filipinos and Chinese are domestic servants. Immigrants from the CIS countries are shop assistants, administrators in beauty salons, waiters, and sometimes office employees. By the way, years ago you could hardly find any Russian in Dubai. But now there are plenty. Europeans or Americans in Dubai almost always are a part of the top management, they stay almost in the same level with the Arabs. It is difficult to change work in Dubai: if you jobless your working visa expires in 3 months; most companies have an agreement not to take employees from another organizations.

In general, many foreigners who live in Dubai, constantly feel that they are strangers. Even if you work for a good salary in a comfortable office. The local Arabs are very friendly with people, but the spirit of this city is not very welcoming. Ones you got here you have to know your priorities and do not expect to be relaxed and positive all the time. Dubai is a city of business and big opportunities.