Thursday, 09 July 2015 07:52
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Russian University degree (Dubai) in the ARMANI HOTEL

Management programs of the Russian University degree in Dubai Tourism and Hospitality become more and more famous not only because of wide career opportunities, but also because the studies of the Russian University degree in Dubai are include interesting workshops, memorable trips and useful meetings. The 20th of May 2015 the students of the branch of the university UNECON have visited the ARMANY HOTEL DUBAI. The students of the Russian University have agreed that the hotel deserves all the 5 stars that he´s given. The hotel is situated on the 11th floor of Burj Khalifa skyscraper, this hotel has an atmosphere of refinement and elegance thanks to the unique decor of the interior.

Manager´s assistant Ms. NaziraKadyrova made a tour for the students of the Russian University degree in Dubai. She has introduced them the hotel´s facilities and its backstage. The visitors have taken a look around not just like guests but also like employees, that´s how the students could see the working process: reception and guest accommodation, maintenance, information security and even maids´ routine service. Afterwards in Dubai is about it.

The reception began in the spacious lobby of the hotel, where an experienced staff has offered to guests fresh juice and wet hand-towels. Then there was a detailed excursion. The group of students has visited cafes, bars and restaurants of the hotel, that offer very different cuisine - from Mediterranean to Japanese. And in the Italian restaurant DELI the students of the Russian University degree in Dubai were not just having and excursion but even was truing some dishes that were prepared for him by an Italian Chef.

The Russian students were very much amazed by the hotel´s SPA center that is situated on the 3ed floor of the hotel. Apart from the pool, the students of the Russian University degree in Dubai have visited with treatment rooms, thermal baths and a relaxation room and a gym. They visitors have also visited hotel rooms, the decor of each room is a responsibility of Armani Casa.

The culmination of the excursion was a raise to the 123 floor skyscraper Burj Khalifa to the famous bar Atmosphere, that has a spectacular view of the city, a great selection of drinks and snacks, as well as an afternoon tea that is offered strictly according to the English tradition.